Wine Advent-ure Calendar Day 17: Here Kitty Kitty Trebbiano (DOC)

Winery location: Emilia-Romagna region, Italy (DOC)

Cat and wine lovers unite! From the Emilia-Romagna region is Day 17’s wine, a Trebbiano from Here Kitty Kitty. This pale greenish-lemon colored wine struck me as light, yet complex in aromas and flavors. The nose buzzes with green apple, melon and damp stone. The liveliness continues on to the palate, crisp with flavors of tropical fruit, melon and basil, with a spunky acidity and a mineral undertone. The finish is fruity and lingers for a good while. While Here Kitty Kitty is light, by no means is it a lightweight, punching a bit above its mass.

Costco recommends pairing Here Kitty Kitty with Italian fare such as tortelloni, which makes sense considering Emilia-Romagna is also the home of tortelloni pasta. Regional wine often pairs best with regional food. But with its fruity intensity and refreshing crispness, Here Kitty Kitty can also be a good porch pounder on a lazy afternoon. Simple and fun.

And I like the label as well. But seeing as I’ve recently become the owner of a tuxedo cat, I may be a little biased in that regard.

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