Delmoro Blanco 2021

Wine: Delmoro Blanco 2021

Winery: La Comarcal (Venta del Moro, Spain) (near Valencia)

Grapes: Merseguera (indigenous Spanish varietal), Chardonnay

I’ve long known (and enjoyed) Spanish Reds but wasn’t as aware of Spanish white wines. That changed last week when I found this beauty. A blend of indigenous Merseguera and old-vine Chardonnay, this white is an explosion of citrus. Pineapple and lemon delight both the nose and palate, with undercurrents of grapefruit and melon. The wine is refreshingly acidic and light, but not insubstantial with a solid finish. Delmoro Blanco is certainly a porch pounder and properly chilled it’s a delight for the “dog days” of summer. Started in 2017, La Comarcal is very much a new winery on my radar, promising to make “delicious, youthful wines”, using native grapes from the Valencia region of Spain. With Delmoro Blanco being an indication, I definitely look forward to seeing what other offerings La Comarcal comes up with in the future. This wine is definitely A plus, a 4.0 in my book.

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