Wine: Delighted (Non-Vintage)
Winery: Black Star Farms (Leelanau, MI)
Grape Varietals: A blend of primarily white grapes, Frontenac Gris and Chardonnay with a small percentage of Marquette (per the Black Star Farms webpage)

Even through these trying times, there’s nothing like a fun bubbly to start off the New Year. Delighted, a sparkling rose’ by Black Star Farms is an excellent choice. The semi-sweet wine has bright, vibrant aromas of strawberry and cherry. The palate is lively as well, with strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavors. The acidity balances out the sweetness however – while Delighted is sweet, it is by no means jammy. This is not a fruit bomb, but a well balanced wine that is not only enjoyable by itself but also paired with foods such as mild cheeses and seafood – I had this for lunch with some crispy shrimp and rice from my fave Chinese restaurant. Overall this is a great start to the New Year, a very nice wine that lives up to its name. 🙂 I give it a 4.0.

And this is why I need to remember to take pictures of the wine BEFORE I try it!

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