What’s in the glass today? (1/30)

Wine: 2018 McManus Chardonnay
Winery: McManus Family Vineyards
Location: River Junction, CA

For lunch I decided to make some sauteed garlic shrimp and peas with rice pilaf, and I needed a wine to deglaze the pan with and have with the meal.

Enter this lovely Chardonnay.

The wine is lively with aromas of pear, melon, some peach and a hint of lemon. But it is the palate that steals the show for me. It starts off with a solid dose of acidity and fruit, especially pear and melon but soon I start to realize that there is more to the wine. A buttery, creaminess starts to roll in along with vanilla and notes of peach. Eventually the wine takes on a wholly different character than the crisp beginning, ending in a lush finish as well rounded as it is smooth.

It went well with my shrimp and rice dish, giving it a creamy fullness and depth. But this wine is also a good sipper to have by itself. Most Chardonnays to me tend to be a little one-note – either crisp and acidic or rich and heavy/toasty, and the complexity of this one makes it fun to drink. I give it a 4.0/Excellent.

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