Voulez-vous Vouvray?

Wine: Vouvray 2017
Winery: Jardin en Fleurs (Loire Valley, France)
Grape: 100% Chenin Blanc

I’ve always been fond of Vouvrays, matter of fact I enjoy many wines from the Loire Valley of France, it’s one of my fave French regions for white wine. Many wines from that region are approachable and are just as fun to drink on their own as paired with food.

This 2017 Vouvray from Jardin en Fleurs is a great example. The nose is vibrant with floral aromas as well as those of pear, apple and honey. What follows, is a palate that is as intriguing as is flavorful. It starts off crisp in the “attack” – pronounced acidity with tree fruit and green apple leading the charge, but soon the fruity wine becomes rather lush and full on the palate, which caught me a bit by surprise. This is where the honey makes itself known, to provide a pleasantly rounded mouthfeel. Make no mistake – this is not a Sauternes or any other dessert wine. It’s definitely dry – and I like that. But I feel that the smooth, fruity finish will make this wine enjoyable even for some of those who prefer sweet wines, of which I encountered many working in St. Julian. Long story short, it is a versatile white that pleases a variety of senses, which is what I like about Vouvrays. Overall I give it a 4.0 (Excellent).

(courtesy of Vivino.com)

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