What’s in the glass today?

Wine: 840
Type of wine: Port style
Winery: Sandhill Crane Vineyards (Jackson, Michigan)

Tis the season for Port and for today’s glass I am enjoying the 840, one of my favorite port-style wines from one of my favorite Michigan wineries, Sandhill Crane Vineyards. And no, I’m not saying that because I worked at SCV for over 13 years before moving to St. Julian. 🙂 I’ve made a lot of friendships there over the years, made a lot of memories.

OK, let’s talk about the wine. Holly, the winemaker always has a skill for making wines that look as good as they taste and the 840 is no different. The wine has a dark ruby color, almost opaque in the center and lighter around the rim. The nose is rich with elements of coffee, cocoa and red fruit.

The 840 is smooth, very smooth with a gentle warmth. There is a touch of heat but it’s more the warmth than the flavor that informs you that the wine is fortified. Raisins dominate the palate, with some spice. Previous hints of 840 had a hint of vanilla, particularly in the Reserve variants but I’m not catching it as much here, despite the wine being aged in oak. That said, there is some oxidation which I am actually enjoying. This is an elegant wine.

In addition to enjoying this glass I’ve added it to the Mushroom Ragout my wife wanted me to cook for dinner as a Marsala substitute. Very tasty.

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