Wine Advent-ure Calendar Day 24: My 2 Cents Cabernet Sauvignon

Winemaker location: Pays d’Oc, France

At long last we’ve come to the end of Costco’s Wine Advent-ure Calendar. Our final wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Southern French region of Languedoc called 2 Cents. As Costco notes, France is the birthplace of Cabernet Sauvignon – as well as many, many other popular, “premium” grape varietals, and the grape grows well in the warm climate moderated by the cool air of the Mediterranean.

So how is 2 Cents? It is a solid cabernet, with rich aromas of blackberry, black cherry , plum and even a hint of coffee. However the palate is a little on the lean side. It does have some body but not as much as I was hoping, and the fruit flavors of blackberry, black cherry and plum are muted a little bit by the dominant tannin structure. I didn’t quite get the sense of jammy richness I was hoping for, like it was missing something. Maybe Merlot – if they added Merlot to it for the body this would make for a nice Bordeaux-style blend.

That said, even though the wine is lean it is still drinkable. The finish is solid and even with the tannins it is quite a smooth drinking wine. And that’s just my 2 Cents.

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