Wine Advent-ure Calendar Day 19: Ring Ring Vino Rosato

Winery Location: Northern Italy

Once again, we have an Italian vino rosato. This one is called “Ring Ring” and unlike the previous vino rosato “Pinky Truce”, it hails from Northern Italy.

This wine has aromas of strawberry and cherry which are common in many rose’s and rosatos, the palate is a little heavier than Pinky Truce, though it is still crisp and refreshing. The wine is acidic and lively, tart red fruits like sour cherry and raspberry dominate the flavors, yet there also is a savory, herbal element, kinda like a thyme or rosemary that kicks things up a notch. While I enjoyed this wine solo, that gentle hint of herb makes it extremely food friendly and I can see myself enjoying a margherita pizza with this. The acidity also makes it good to eat with creamy Italian dishes like fettuccine alfredo. The finish is long and fruity, with those cherry and strawberry flavors lingering after the sip. Whatever the occasion, Ring Ring is a nice rosato to call on.

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