Wine Advent-ure Calendar Day 15: Little Ditty Macabeo

Winery Location: Spain
Varietal: Macabeo

Day 15’s wine is a Macabeo from Spain. The Macabeo grape (also known as Viura in Rioja) is usually blended with other grapes to make Cava, so a still wine like Little Ditty featuring Macabeo like is a bit of a rara avis (no pun intended on the label) which my wife and I were looking forward to taste.

My first impressions of this wine is the name “Little Ditty” is a bit of a misnomer here. This voluptuous, full flavored wine takes up quite some space in the nose and palate, with heavy aromas of white flowers and citrus leading to a powerful, layered palate of honey, lemon, almond and melon flavors. Acidity and mineral undertones give the wine structure and the finish is smooth. This Macabeo is definitely a bit of a medium-bodied powerhouse here. Not as overpowering as some heavily oaked Chardonnays or citrus-laden Sauvignon Blancs but I found it punches above its weight a tiny bit in terms of flavor.

This wine is definitely a seafood pleaser, and it can keep pace with strong flavors like shrimp and garlic. I also think it is a good alternative to some of the Chardonnays I’ve had recently. It’s lighter than the oaked Chardonnays and has more of a fruit presence yet has more body than some of the unoaked Chards, almost placing it in the “just right” sweet spot.

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