Wine Advent-ure Calendar Day 8: Crowned Beast Saperavi

Winery Location: Georgia

For Day 8 we go to the nation of Georgia, one of the oldest winemaking regions of the world with a 6000+ year tradition of making magic from fermented juice. Saperavi is a celebrated red grape indigenous to Georgia and in my experience it often creates an aromatic, deeply flavored red wine.

This Saperavi, Crowned Beast, is an animal in more than just name. Intense aromas of dark red fruit and sprice greet the senses followed by flavors of black cherry, currants, mint with a subtle earthiness. However strong as the Beast is, it also curiously refined. The tannins of this wine are surprisingly gentle and mild, not grippy, which makes the wine have a soft body and a smooth character. The soft (yet not flabby in the least) body makes this beastly red very approachable, and pairs great with foods like the pizza I had for lunch. Welcome to the jungle.

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