Wine Adven-ture Calendar Day 7: Proper Etiquette Chenin Blanc

Winery Location: South Africa

Chenin Blanc is perhaps the most celebrated wine varietal in South Africa. A French variety, it is often grown in cool climates for full-bodied wines that are high in acidity and fruit flavor.

Grown in vineyards cooled by neighboring mountains, Proper Etiquette’s Chenin Blanc is a good example of such a wine. This wine’s soft body makes it as posh as its name, but it is no slouch, the palate buzzing with acidity and racy flavors of green apple, lemon, verbena and melon. It has a moderate finish, not quite crisp but not overly long either – just enough to make an impact without going any further. The tasting notes recommend pairing it with seafood, charcuterie, or creamy dishes and I can see the latter being especially delicious. A simple, yet strikingly classy wine.

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