Evolucio Tokaj Late Harvest 2016

Winery: Evolucio (Tokaj Wine Region, Hungary)
Vintage: 2016
Varietal: Furmint

The region Tokaj is often synonymous with dessert wines, particularly white dessert wines. For me it also has been synonymous with “expensive” – I’ve seen Tokaji Aszu wines retail for over 70 bucks a pop – a little rich for my blood. So when I saw this Tokaj dessert wine on sale for 12 bucks at my store I figure I had to buy it and see what the fuss is about.

I am a fan of Sauternes and Ice wines, and this wine by Evolucio is quite delicious. Honey and peaches are on the nose, though I also detected some lemon chiffon and tropical pineapple as well, plus a hint of wet stone, which promised a wine with a bit of complex flavor.

The palate was sweet, with the honey and peaches promised on the nose, but I tasted a bit of melon as well, which surprised me as I didn’t smell it earlier. It was a pleasant surprise though, as well as the acidity, which nicely balanced out the sugar of the wine and prevented it from being too cloying. If you are intimidated by the costs of Tokaji Aszu wines in general, this wine is a sweet treat that is quite accessible to us wine drinkers with humble budgets.

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