Terredora Di Paola Aglianico 2019 IGT

Wine: Aglianico

Vintage: 2019

Winery: Terredora Di Paola (Campania, Italy)

Grape: Aglianico

Last Tuesday, In my quest to complete the requirements to join the Wine Century Club, I decided to try out a bottle of Aglianico, one of the important grapes grown in Southern Italy. This is from the Campania region. It was my first time trying an Aglianico in recent memory and I was looking forward to sharing it with my fellow fencers at practice.

Upon trying the wine, what caught me by surprise is just how fruit-forward it was. Mature red and black fruit – cherries, plums, currants – dominated the palate. The tannins were present but not overpowering, providing more of a silky nature than a bold, aggressive one. That said I didn’t get as much of a sense of body as I would have liked. I’ve read that Aglianico wines are rich, full-bodied affairs and the Terredora Di Paolo tasted more like a medium bodied wine. By no means was it thin, but it could have been a little fuller, in my view. Overall it was pretty tasty and I thought it was a solid introduction to “one of the three most important grapes” in Italy. I give it somewhere between a 3.0 and a 3.5 – just hovering on that border. I might have to flip a coin on this one. 😀

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