Wine Advent-ure Calendar Day 13: Classic Cruise Tempranillo

Winery Location: Spain

Tempranillo is a classic Spanish red grape and it makes a classic wine. If you like a bold, fruity red, Classic Cruise is a solid choice. In the realm of Tempranillos it doesn’t quite stand out from others, but this is an enjoyable red. The deep ruby wine swirls with aromas of leather, dark fruit and spice. Its palate has a fair bit of fruit with black cherry, raspberry and currant with notes of cinnamon and mint. The structure is medium bodied with grippy tannins that yield reluctantly to a satisfying finish. With its solid structure imparted by oak this Tempranillo like many others, definitely stands up to bold meals like steak and barbecue.

Apart from the description, I don’t really have much to say about Classic Cruise, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Again this is a good red and I enjoyed it a lot. Apart from its fruitiness it may not be too distinctive from other Tempranillos I had but in my opinion it is better to have a solid reliable wine that is middle of the road, than a bad one that is noticeable only because of its flaws. So as far as I’m concerned Classic Cruise belongs in the former category, and that’s a good thing.

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