Wine Advent-ure Calendar Day 10: The Butchery

Winery Location: Moldova
Vintage: 2020

Sharing the same latitude as Bordeaux and possessing a climate similar to Burgundy, the country of Moldova may not be what one thinks of when it comes to winemaking in comparison to France but it is one of the older winemaking countries in the world, having produced wine for over 3000 years. Over 22 grapes for winemaking are grown in Moldovan soil, many of them are indigenous varieties such as Feteasca Alba, and Rara Neagra, however Cabernet Sauvignon is perfectly at home in the hills of the Moldovan countryside.

Day 10’s wine, The Butchery is as bold and uncompromising as its name suggests, swirling with strong aromas of black cherry, raspberry and mocha. The palate has solidity as well, with assertive tannins defining a lot of the structure underlying the flavors of dark fruit, such as blackberry and the ever present black cherry. The cherry continues on to the finish, which is as lovely as it is long, and it is indeed pretty long. Bold and strong like most Cabernets, it has a good fruity balance and unlike certain Cabernets – which shall remain nameless – it isn’t overreliant on oak to provide its needed oomph. Costco recommends pairing this wine with a variety of “casual foods” like teriyaki chicken wraps and black bean burgers. I had none of those on hand but I had a Shish Kafta (seasoned ground lamb with onions and garlic sauce wrapped in a pita) and fries that worked pretty well. All in all The Butchery is a nice offering from Moldova and a good example of what a Cabernet Sauvignon should be all about.

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