Advent – Day 19

Wine: Pinot Grigio (Lodi)
Winery: American Vintners
Cheese: Cheddar

Day 19’s wine is the Pinot Grigio, paired with Cheddar. I mentioned this wine earlier, a tart, lively wine with flavors of lemongrass, grapefruit and honeysuckle. It paired nicely with the cheddar, the tart flavors holding up well to the sharpness of the cheese while the acidity cut through the creaminess.

Wine: 2015 Sauternes
Winery: Chateau de Cosse (Chateau Riaussec)

Carleen wasn’t satisfied with me doing a repeat so she bought out this wine from the fridge for me to try. What she really did, was pour me a glass and told me to guess what it was, only to give me a hint that I’ve had this wine before and I’m pretty familiar with it.

I took a sniff and a taste, and the word “Sauternes” immediately jumped out at me. Fortunately I guessed correctly. 🙂

This is a lovely Sauternes, light yellow in color with a hint of gold. The nose is exquisite with aromas of honey, stone fruits and banana. You definitely know this is going to be a sumptuously sweet wine even before the first sip, which is a delight. The acidity is finely balanced just enough to give the wine a bit of an edge to its full honey and peach flavor. The finish is also long and satisfying. Overall I give this wine a 4.0 (A+). This is a great dessert wine.

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