Advent – Day 17

Wine: 2019 Pinot Noir (Central Coast, CA)
Winery: American Vintners
Cheese: Applewood

Pinot Noir is today’s featured wine. I didn’t review this wine when I tried it a few days ago, so I get the chance the review it now. Let’s hear it for second chances.
The wine is a mysteriously dark ruby. Not fully opaque but rather deep. There is cherry and raspberry on the nose, followed by a distinctively herbal undertone. Full flavors of cherry and raspberry are on the palate as well, with the hint of vanilla telling me that this wine has had some finishing in oak. The wine has some acidity and the silky tannins are robust but not overpowering, contributing to the structure and giving it some weight. I found it to be an easy drinking, very pleasant Pinot Noir. It also paired well with the Applewood, the tannins helping hold up the wine to the smoky richness of the cheese.

Overall I was very pleased with this wine and even my anti-red wine-drinking wife Carleen thought it was friendly enough to drink (though she wouldn’t drink more than one glass of it). I give it a 4.0 (a solid A).

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