Advent – Day 7

Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah Red blend (California)
Winery: American Vintners
Cheese: Ilchester Cheddar

With first week of Advent under our belt, let’s look at Day 7’s wine, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah Red Blend. If I was to describe this particular wine in one word, it would be “dark”. Everything about this wine is dark to me. The color is a deep, opaque ruby that has only a hint of translucency on the rim. Rich aromas of dark raspberry, plum, black cherry and spice embrace the senses. Chocolate and spice rounds it out. Interestingly the aromas are fuller here than in the other Red Blend I tried on the ___ Day of Advent. Perhaps it’s because Syrah shares a larger stage with the Cabernet Sauvignon here as opposed to sharing second fiddle with Zinfandel.

As for how the wine tastes, it’s pretty fruit forward with dark berries, black cherries and spice with a some of cocoa. The tannins struck me as pretty high and a touch grippy, but not abrasive – an iron fist in a velvet glove. I personally found them to be not as soft as the tasting notes claim, but that’s just me. They are still pleasurable and as a matter of fact I kinda liked their aggressive presence to be honest. This is a bold, uncompromising red. The finish lingers for quite a bit, especially the spice and dark cherry. Overall this is a good wine that can hold its own with hearty lamb and beef dishes. It’s a 4.0 for me, excellent. 🙂

Day 7’s cheese is Ilchester Cheddar. Moderately sharp and tangy, this cheese has a smooth texture to it that underlies its relatively bold flavor. It actually paired well with the Cab Sauv/Syrah blend. This is a good, solid cheddar.

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