Wine Journal (June 7th)

Wine: Signature Series Red Blend

Vintage: 2017

Varietals:  Merlot (25%)

                 Cabernet Franc (25%)

                 Cabernet Sauvignon (25%)

                 Tempranillo (13%)

                 Chambourcin (12%)

Appearance: Ruby, very dark, almost opaque

Nose: Cherry, plum, leather, spice, tobacco, coffee.  Very beautiful.

Palate: Cherry, vanilla, spice (nutmeg), coffee…  A little like unsweetened Dr. Pepper.  Low acidity, medium body and tannin structure.  Finish is medium, tannins are silky and not obnoxious

Overall: A delicious red featuring 5 powerhouse grapes that fare well on their own.  Tannins provide elegance and structure in this very smooth wine.  Cherry and vanilla flavors are delightful.  Had this with beef tips and noodles.  Complements the meal well, but I also enjoy it by itself.  This wine is suitable for drinking fresh, or for aging.

Personal score: 4.0+++  Excellent

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